Augmented Reality Video Player

Promo Mio represents a new, more engaging way of interacting with your customer.

By using the latest Augmented Reality frameworks on Android and iOS, Promo Mio places a video player inside the user's physical (augmented) environment - giving your brand immediate benefits. including:

  • Fun! ... Your video just gamified itself; meaning that your audience is more likely to watch your video multiple times and absorb more of the material than if it were presented inside the boring, plain wrapper of an app or website video player
  • Stand our from the crowd ... Without having to pour additional budget into new videos, your existing content gets a new lease on life
  • Direct sales ... Your own Promo Mio-based app can be set up to recognise your own products (drink cans, cereal boxes, anything), and your customers can access some content only if they have already bought your product  

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Help your audience interact with your videos

Precise Targeting

In every sense of the word, Promo Mio target your audience where they live!

Fast Integration

Integrate with existing mobile apps or brand new ones

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Immerse your customers in your product video material

Cloud Managed

Change content within your AR Video Player for instant results

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